Friday, April 30, 2010

New software updates are great!  When they work that is. 

I have a Blackberry Storm 9500 (the first Storm) and yesterday, Google Maps released their mobile maps 4.0.  They added a great feature -- it's voice activated.  I can hold down the Call button and say "Las Vegas" and a map of LV is on the screen in seconds.  That said, their were missing items.  

They removed the zoom icons from the screen, these were now in a menu (not good).  They removed the My Location icon from the screen and it too was in the menu. It was also stuck in portrait with a keyboard that would not go away, and I no amount of thumb swiping would pan the was stuck.  I searched Google for answers last night and tried a bunch of ideas that were put out there and nothing worked on all the issues at once, so I slept on it.  This morning, I found the answer!  The answer and a new release, as I was not the only one with these issues.  

4.0.2 Release is available, but there are things to do still after the upgrade.  

Here's what I needed to do....
Go to the Blackberry menu key, click on Options----> Advance Options-----> Applications you should see a list of installed applications. Select Google Maps then click on your BB Menu Key to display Options for that page. You Should see amongst others, Enable Compatibility, click to disable, then click back to re-enable. Pull out your battery for your BB to restart.  

(the battery pull was not in the list of stuff I did last night...along with the disable then re-enable trick)

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