Thursday, April 01, 2010

I miss my sons a lot. At times the missing is at a higher point. Today is one of those days. 

I look at pictures that my youngest recently has posted on Facebook of he and his young son. I look at my son's face and see a maturity that is happening. Everyday that goes by, my sons are growing older and I can only witness this growth on sporadic visits or webcam. Gone are the days of casually taking each day as they come. I know I'm not the only long distant mother or father. Does everyone miss their kids like I do?  Will I ever spend a birthday or holiday with my sons again?

Does it really matter what the day is though? 

I see my sons about three times a year in person.  Webcam really does help and my younger son is good about spending the time to do it with me.  I get to see him and my grandson too.  My older son and his new wife are not as comfortable with the webcam, but they are putting in the effort and we recently had a nice webcam visit recently.
I love Skype...
It keeps me from being melancholy from missing my sons....

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