Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Garden....and tree...

I'm growing Tomatoes and Basil in a way so that the bunnies will not devour them like last year...I'm hoping.  We also bought a fig tree last fall.  We had it in our 3 season porch though the winter and thought maybe it had died.  It didn't, it was only hibernating.  I had a fig tree up till we moved at age 12.  It was so big that my brother Gary and I used to be able to climb in it and the figs were so so sweet!  We'll plant this soon I hope.  

Look at it now!!!

I am growing the tomatoes in bag, up and away from the bunnies reach (I hope...I hope)

One of the tomato plants has a bloom

...and the basil is sprouting!

can't wait for fresh basil and tomato salad!!!  Yum!

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Delunalore said...

Everything looks wonderful and I'm sure the fig tree will grow fine. I haven't planted any tomatoes this year but my basil is planted.

bunnies do like to indulge and the bags will work great at keeping the tomatoes out of reach...

happy gardening!