Saturday, November 27, 2010

The accidental Black Friday shopper....

Yesterday was Black Friday and I did do some shopping.  I only purchased one Black Friday item, though.  

After my one BF purchase, I needed to purchase some mineral foundation powder. I'd heard about Clinique's new mineral foundation and found it intriguing. Rather than power, as you turn the wheel, a fresh top layer is shaved up through the slots....powder. The brush is really only useful around the eyes, though.
Since it was early, there was no one at the Clinique counter yet.  I had a half hour to wait, so I meandered around the store and found a few things to try on just to kill time. I've been wanting to buy some tunic type outfits to blend into my wardrobe and have tried this in the past without success. This day I was successful and purchased two tunics and some cable knit type leggings. Then, I found and purchased my mineral foundation and went home.

When I returned home, I turned on the TV and started watching the marathon of What Not to Wear.  After seeing a few of the transformations, I decided that my hair needed a color lift and off I went to the beauty supply store.  I parked near the shoe store, as I needed a new black pair of shoes to replace my pointy short boots.  No luck with that, so I walked into TJ Max to look at their shoes as well.  With my head still filled with the What Not to Wear transformations, I was thinking about my wardrobe and shopped around to add to my new tunic style I'd started shaping that morning.

I usually only find one or two items of value when I've shopped at TJ Max, but they must have received a big shipment because I had to force myself to the register before I spent too much. I did end up with a pair of black flats (no short boots for me...yet), but I found some really cute clothes to enhance my wardrobe. 

Next step is to go through my closet and remove the clothes that I haven't worn in years. That will be hard though...really hard.  In the past, what I did was bag up these clothes and put the bag in the garage. If I've not missed the clothes for 6-8 months (yes, that long), then I give them away without another look in the bags.  Two Spings ago, I vacuum bagged my winter stuff.  Last winter I pulled only one sweater out. I'm thinking those are the first to be bagged.  I asked my husband to help me decide, but I told him that I plan on at least removing half of my current wardrobe.  We'll see how that goes, though, as parting is such sweet sorrow.  The thing is, my mornings will be so much simpler with less clothes in the closet that I never wear.  I'll find things easier.  

To me this will lessen any morning stress....and I'm all about that!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Umbilical Hernia repair -- warning TMI... :-)

I was told it was a routine surgery, but it's surgery and there's recovery.  I've been in the recovery stage since Wednesday afternoon.  I finally took a shower today and that felt good!

My stomach is bloated and look about 5 months pregnant.  I've been drinking water since the pain pills dry me out, so clearing my bladder, which was mandatory in the first eight hours, was the easy part.  It's the other that I've yet to do that is the cause of the majority of my pain. My bloated belly is pulling on the super glued suture site.

On wednesday, I had a flat tummy and I'm looking forward to that flatness again.

I can't wait to go running too.  I was thinking I'd be running within a week! I guess I underestimated what surgery is all about and definitely overestimated my tolerance to pain.  My husband got me to take a short walk last night. We walked to the corner and back....very slowly.  I was in my nightgown, long winter coat and uggs.  I needed that.

I'm not sure at this point what my belly button will look like once the swelling goes down.  I had an inny/outy.  It was in, but you could see the belly button.  Time will tell.

Yeah...I know... TMI, but at least I didn't post a picture of my belly...

Friday, November 12, 2010


On Wednesday, I had surgery. Umbilical hernia repair. I'm still on pain medicine. I'm very sore still on day 3. My belly button looks weird right now. What used to be an inny, looks like an outy. I'm hoping that it gets back to normal. 

I have a high pain tolerance, but this trait is not helping me right now.  

This was the first time I was 'cut.'  I had oral surgery for my wisdom teeth, but that was a twilight sleep, not general anesthesia.  The 'cut' is barely an inch.  The worst part is that I'm bloated and can't seem to do anything about it. I'm eating and drinking, but still nothing. I even drank some Slimming Tea to help in that department, but I'm not even urge at all.  

I called my doctor's office...found out that this is perfectly normal.  His nurse suggested a stool softener...Milk of Magnesia.  Pretty soon, something has to give.  I think that the incision is hurting more because of how bloated I am.  

Anyway...In a few days, I should be back to normal.  I can't run for a week or two.  I can walk though and I'm planning a trip to the corner and back with my doggie.  

That's all for now...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday I had surgery. Routine as it was, I'm still in some pain. Taking loopy pain medicine. Still wearing the hospital grip socks...taking 3 vacation days.