Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Eight -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

This week I missed my Monday training run.  My husband and I did a night run on Wednesday.  That run started off with the voice in my head saying, "I'll just run 2's better than nothing." I was worried that my lunch of filet mignon would impede my run, but by the time I got to 2 miles, though, I was ready to continue on.  My run felt really good too.  I ran 4 miles outside and another mile on the treadmill.  It was nice to run with my husband.  He's catching up to me, but doesn't realize it yet.  He didn't run all 4 miles with me, but a lot of it.

My second run was 3 miles on the treadmill on Thursday and I rested on Friday.

After last week's freezing 21 degrees with a 13 degree wind chill, today's weather made for much better running conditions for the 15K Distance Series long run.  I don't have my time yet, but my music was at 1:45 for the 9.3 miles...about an 11 minute mile.  I ran the whole way, which was my goal.

Next week it's 3, 5, 3 and 10 miles....

Ok, results are in....I did 1:45:53...and I came in second to the last in my age group, but I'd be in the middle of the group of 20 of the 30-39 year olds! There were only 7 in my group and the top was 1:33:14, but the others above me were 2-5 minutes faster than me and the last time was 2:14. I did do an 11 minute mile. Not too bad after a lousy night's sleep...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week Seven -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

Week Seven mileage:  16 miles.

Monday's run was 3 miles.  I had a nice run.  It wasn't too cold either.  Since my husband and I started to rearrange the den last weekend, the treadmill is set up with a TV to watch.  We still have lots of stuff to clear out for a garage sale, but waiting for a balmy 45 degree weekend to have one.  The TV does help with the boring treadmill run and I ran 3 miles watching Dirty Dancing Wednesday evening.  On Thursday, my husband and I went for a nice two mile night run at around 7pm.  I do enjoy running with Mike.  It wasn't too cold either.

Today's long run was at the Oceanfront; 21 degrees with a 13 degree wind chill.  I am so happy I joined up with J & A Racing to train for the half.  If I hadn't, I know I would have found some excuse not to run this morning.  We were scheduled to run 9 miles, but the course that we took was only 8 miles.  But with the cold and the wind, it was probably just like running 9 miles in better conditions. This time I had a running buddy and we kept each other going and ran the whole way.  I ran a 10 minute mile, which is really good for me.

When I got home, rather than jumping in the shower as I usually do, I got into the hot tub.  I don't know why I don't do that more often.  It felt great!  The only part that I didn't like much was getting out and closing the lid....brrrr!

Next week is a Distance Run Series run.  I'm doing the 15K, which is 9.3 miles.  The course is trail running, which is very picturesque and fun.  I'm not sure who from my group is doing the run since it's optional, but I'm hoping to be able to run with company.

Why do I run?
...because I refuse to let my age define me....
...because I refuse to think that because I'm over 50, I can let myself go and blame it on my age... be an inspiration to others feel good about myself
...and to look good for my husband.

till next time...

Monday, January 17, 2011

I just want a pair that works!

Earplugs Earplugs many to choose from, but I just want one that works!

I've been on a search for the perfect ear plug. Last month my googling brought me to the EARPLUG SUPERSTORE.  I went to the earplugs for sleeping section and decided on a trial pack of "Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plug Trial Pack" in hopes that I'll find nightly silence in the 17 types (2 pairs of each) of earplugs.  

I've been through 5 of the Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plugs, but have only been successful in the insertion once or maybe twice. Most nights I give up, but last night my Sicilian finger biting temper ensued.  I ask could I have been so angry at an inanimate object?  It's just a piece of foam!  My anger did not disturb anyone but me, though.

The directions say to roll the foam plug between your fingers and insert into the ear canal.  When it is done correctly, as the foam expands, it will crackle and all sound begins to fade away into the background.  When it's done correctly is the key to success.  Roll, Pull, Hold is what this onesite had me do but without much success.....

I must have really small ear canals or the foam is expanding at a faster rate than the speed of which my hand goes to my ear.  Maybe I should have tried one of the no roll types.  These look interesting.

Either way, all I can say is FUCK!'s not a word I say very often and putting it here even feels forbidden and wrong, but these nights put me on the couch with a very fitful night's sleep. Needless to say, I'm a bit of a grump this morning and it doesn't help when my husband is now mad at me.  Seems that even though I wasn't mad at him for snoring (I mean...come on, he can't control it...he's sleeping!), I did say that his snoring kept me from sleeping, which is blaming him for me not sleeping.  I should have just blamed the DAMN earplugs for not working because if they had worked, then I wouldn't have been woken up to only begin my feverishly unsuccessfully attempt to abate the sound with different types of the Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plugs, only to give up after about an hour (ears are still sore)!  I do confess to a second or two of biting my finger in a Sicilian rage before finally, in need of some sleep, moving to the coach. Through this all, my husband slept undisturbed.  When my husband woke up this morning he said that he was sorry.  So, why is he mad at me again?  Because when I said that I couldn't sleep, that then put the blame on me, but then I told him that I couldn't sleep because of the snoring, which put the blame back on him....for something that he already apologized for.  Am I missing something here?

Ok...I've gone off track...reeling myself in now....

Before writing this blog, I again, in desperation, googled earplugs for sleeping and before I found the above no roll variety, I found and ordered another type of earplugs.  This one has reviews that sounded really good. These are made of beeswax, sterile cotton and lanolin that custom fits to your ear.  No foam to prematurely expand before I've inserted them correctly into my ear canal.  

I should have them in a few days.  Can't wait to try them out and I'm hoping to report soon that they worked like a charm!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week Six -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

Week Six of my training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

On Monday it was a lunch time run
running three miles in the shinning sun

The air was brisk but I warmed up fast
Through the streets to finish my task

Treadmill was my path mid week
I found it hard to move my feet

I continued on and reached three miles
after that I was all smiles

The third run on my own I did not get to
Just couldn't get to it, with so much to do

My group run commitment is so good for me
It gets me up at 6 and running at 7:30

Today was our first eight mile run
I ran it all in the shinning sun

Coming to the finish I knew I did good
and I finished faster than I thought I would

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Week Five -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

This is week five of my training for the half marathon.  My monday run was a 3 mile run around my neighborhood.  I do love this run, as there's a stretch of it through a street of beautiful big homes and there are only a few cars that pass by.  It was 39 degrees when I ran and I've gotten used to running in that temperature. I marked in my journal that it was a "great run."  I work from home on Mondays, so I'm able to start my run right at 5pm and run while it's still daylight.  The rest of the week I work in my office and arrive home a dusk, so I end up running on the treadmill.  I'm looking forward to daylight savings time switch on March 13th so that I can run outside more.  I know...I know...why don't I run in the morning?  That snooze button is just too tempting.

On Wednesday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, but almost stopped at 35 minutes.  At that point, I walked for about a minute and convinced myself to keep going.  I made it to 4 miles.  My next run would have been a 3 miler, but on Thursday evening, I was in a I'm just too tired or too sore sort of mood and Friday was a I'm running my long run tomorrow anyway mood.

Which takes us to today, Saturday.  I didn't sleep as well as I would like to, but I don't seem to sleep well before my group runs or for any of the events I've run in.  I've done some googling on that and I'm not the only one and I read not to worry about it, so I don't.  Since I stopped worrying about not sleeping before a race, I do tend to sleep better.  Regardless of the lack of sleep, today's run was a really good run.  Again, it was about 39 degrees and I needed to shed my windbreaker halfway through. We did six miles and I was running the same pace as two other runners so I wasn't running alone this time.  There was some black ice sections of the trail, but I was able to not slip and fall.  The last 2 miles seemed faster, as one of the other runners and I chatted.  Teaming will be especially beneficial for all of us as the miles increase.   Around mile 4, though, I felt my back rib area tweak out a little.  I kept running though and I'm hoping that it readjusts itself.  I hurts a little bit when I breath in, but it's not at all like what happened on one of my morning runs last summer. That morning, about a mile into a 3 mile run, my upper back, left side, started to spasm.  I couldn't breath in without it hurting badly.  I walked home that morning in a great deal of pain.  Chiropractic and rest fixed it within a week, but it really made me weary of running in the morning.  I started to think that my body really ready to run so soon after I get up.  Well...this being week 5 of my group runs at 7:30am, I'm reconsidering this thought.  I'll keep you posted on that idea.

Why do I run?  I run to keep myself young.  I don't feel my age will not define who I am...who I am will define me...I used to say age is just a number, but now I say my age is how I feel.  There are days I feel older and there are days that I feel younger.  I will not dress or act my age...ever....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Week Four -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

I remember back around 2002 when my supervisor and his wife were training for their first Marathon.  While we worked together, they did a couple and may still be.  I remember thinking that I would never consider running in a Marathon.  I'd run on and off since my twenties, but running never stuck, so the thought of a Marathon was beyond my comprehension.  The only thought in my head was, "WHY??"

Fast forward to me turning 50 in 2007.  I was a new bride and my husband was deployed.  I took up running to fill in time and to get fitter.  I was really into it for a few months, but then I just stopped.  I occasionally did a run/walk...trying to will myself to get my motivation back, but to no great end. Then a few co-workers were putting together a team for the Susan G Komen charity event.  They offer a 5K that you can either run for fun or timed. I signed up and raised a pretty good amount of money too.  Because I registered for an event, my motivation kicked in.  I searched the internet for something to help me accomplish my 5K goal.  It seems like so long ago when my goal was to run 3 miles.  I found Podrunner Interval training series. I started with First Day to 5K. This podcasts really helped me and it was so easy to improve.  I would recommend these to anyone starting to run.  I ran the timed 5K and was in the middle of the standings for women my age. It was a great time and I was so fun to be in a race!  I caught the bug and I signed up for the Shamrock 8K and trained for that with Podrunner's Gateway to 8K.  In August, I ran 2 10Ks (Run like a Girl and The Wicked) and used Freeway to 10K to train for those.  In September, I ran my first 1/2 Marathon (Rock n Roll Half Marathon).  I now use the Podrunner beats to run with, but also run to other music.  The training that I'm doing now is for both a half marathon (Shamrock Half)  and a 14K (Virginia is for Lovers) before that.

So, why am I sharing my running history?  Because, registering for running events is my motivation to run. I need to train to run longer distances and this is what keeps me running.  That and the fact that I want to improve my time.  I don't compete with the other runners...I compete with my own times.  Ok...ok...I do love how running has improved my outward appearance too. I've never had a weight issue, but menopause causes a change in the metabolism and I started to notice I've read articles on this and how women in menopause have a difficult time keeping their weight in check. Running speeds up the metabolism and it really does help.  

With all that being shared...

This week's training was sparse. I only ran once during the week (35 minutes on the treadmill).  It was too icy outside to run and I so prefer outside running to the treadmill, so my motivation was low.  Don't get me wrong, I love having the treadmill, it's just harder to motivate myself to run on it. I can put it off to later also, where when running outside, I need to get out before it's dark.  Sometimes putting off a treadmill run leads to not running.

Today's J & A Racing Shamrock Training group run was 7 miles.  We ran the two miles to the park visiter's center then a mile and a half on the trails in the park then turned around and ran back. The trails were spotted with muddy patches where the snow melted.  There were pine needles and leaves that made for a nice layer over most of the mud. The faster runners came back with mud spattered legs. I was mud free, but did run it all (ok...I did walk once for about 30 seconds, but I'd just run uphill without noticing). All in all, the 7 miles felt great!  :-)  Next week is another 7 miles.  I'm to run two 3 mile runs and a 4 miler during the week.  I'm hoping for nice days to run in, but there is always the treadmill....