Saturday, January 08, 2011

Week Five -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

This is week five of my training for the half marathon.  My monday run was a 3 mile run around my neighborhood.  I do love this run, as there's a stretch of it through a street of beautiful big homes and there are only a few cars that pass by.  It was 39 degrees when I ran and I've gotten used to running in that temperature. I marked in my journal that it was a "great run."  I work from home on Mondays, so I'm able to start my run right at 5pm and run while it's still daylight.  The rest of the week I work in my office and arrive home a dusk, so I end up running on the treadmill.  I'm looking forward to daylight savings time switch on March 13th so that I can run outside more.  I know...I know...why don't I run in the morning?  That snooze button is just too tempting.

On Wednesday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, but almost stopped at 35 minutes.  At that point, I walked for about a minute and convinced myself to keep going.  I made it to 4 miles.  My next run would have been a 3 miler, but on Thursday evening, I was in a I'm just too tired or too sore sort of mood and Friday was a I'm running my long run tomorrow anyway mood.

Which takes us to today, Saturday.  I didn't sleep as well as I would like to, but I don't seem to sleep well before my group runs or for any of the events I've run in.  I've done some googling on that and I'm not the only one and I read not to worry about it, so I don't.  Since I stopped worrying about not sleeping before a race, I do tend to sleep better.  Regardless of the lack of sleep, today's run was a really good run.  Again, it was about 39 degrees and I needed to shed my windbreaker halfway through. We did six miles and I was running the same pace as two other runners so I wasn't running alone this time.  There was some black ice sections of the trail, but I was able to not slip and fall.  The last 2 miles seemed faster, as one of the other runners and I chatted.  Teaming will be especially beneficial for all of us as the miles increase.   Around mile 4, though, I felt my back rib area tweak out a little.  I kept running though and I'm hoping that it readjusts itself.  I hurts a little bit when I breath in, but it's not at all like what happened on one of my morning runs last summer. That morning, about a mile into a 3 mile run, my upper back, left side, started to spasm.  I couldn't breath in without it hurting badly.  I walked home that morning in a great deal of pain.  Chiropractic and rest fixed it within a week, but it really made me weary of running in the morning.  I started to think that my body really ready to run so soon after I get up.  Well...this being week 5 of my group runs at 7:30am, I'm reconsidering this thought.  I'll keep you posted on that idea.

Why do I run?  I run to keep myself young.  I don't feel my age will not define who I am...who I am will define me...I used to say age is just a number, but now I say my age is how I feel.  There are days I feel older and there are days that I feel younger.  I will not dress or act my age...ever....


Holly said...

Just remember that age is a coveted privilege :-) and old is an attitude. So you will be forever young my dear friend. Love you! Keep it up! And get some sleep before you run, it helps!

Delunalore said...

as long as you don't worry about sleeping. The worry alone will keep up awake until your eyes feel glued