Monday, January 17, 2011

I just want a pair that works!

Earplugs Earplugs many to choose from, but I just want one that works!

I've been on a search for the perfect ear plug. Last month my googling brought me to the EARPLUG SUPERSTORE.  I went to the earplugs for sleeping section and decided on a trial pack of "Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plug Trial Pack" in hopes that I'll find nightly silence in the 17 types (2 pairs of each) of earplugs.  

I've been through 5 of the Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plugs, but have only been successful in the insertion once or maybe twice. Most nights I give up, but last night my Sicilian finger biting temper ensued.  I ask could I have been so angry at an inanimate object?  It's just a piece of foam!  My anger did not disturb anyone but me, though.

The directions say to roll the foam plug between your fingers and insert into the ear canal.  When it is done correctly, as the foam expands, it will crackle and all sound begins to fade away into the background.  When it's done correctly is the key to success.  Roll, Pull, Hold is what this onesite had me do but without much success.....

I must have really small ear canals or the foam is expanding at a faster rate than the speed of which my hand goes to my ear.  Maybe I should have tried one of the no roll types.  These look interesting.

Either way, all I can say is FUCK!'s not a word I say very often and putting it here even feels forbidden and wrong, but these nights put me on the couch with a very fitful night's sleep. Needless to say, I'm a bit of a grump this morning and it doesn't help when my husband is now mad at me.  Seems that even though I wasn't mad at him for snoring (I mean...come on, he can't control it...he's sleeping!), I did say that his snoring kept me from sleeping, which is blaming him for me not sleeping.  I should have just blamed the DAMN earplugs for not working because if they had worked, then I wouldn't have been woken up to only begin my feverishly unsuccessfully attempt to abate the sound with different types of the Just the Softest and Smallest Foam Ear Plugs, only to give up after about an hour (ears are still sore)!  I do confess to a second or two of biting my finger in a Sicilian rage before finally, in need of some sleep, moving to the coach. Through this all, my husband slept undisturbed.  When my husband woke up this morning he said that he was sorry.  So, why is he mad at me again?  Because when I said that I couldn't sleep, that then put the blame on me, but then I told him that I couldn't sleep because of the snoring, which put the blame back on him....for something that he already apologized for.  Am I missing something here?

Ok...I've gone off track...reeling myself in now....

Before writing this blog, I again, in desperation, googled earplugs for sleeping and before I found the above no roll variety, I found and ordered another type of earplugs.  This one has reviews that sounded really good. These are made of beeswax, sterile cotton and lanolin that custom fits to your ear.  No foam to prematurely expand before I've inserted them correctly into my ear canal.  

I should have them in a few days.  Can't wait to try them out and I'm hoping to report soon that they worked like a charm!


Holly said...

ok need to get some working ear plugs or use my solution....don't let them go to bed until you are already asleep. My sister and I had a case of a flying remote when we shared a room on vacation. I feel your pain.

ChattyCathy said...

I actually got a pair to work last night, but they aren't comfortable. I'm hoping the new ones will be better.