Sunday, December 26, 2010

Third Week of Training

My third week of training was one run short.  I ran 3 miles outside on Tuesday afternoon and 2 miles on the Treadmill on Wednesday.  

On Christmas night the snow started falling and continues still.  It's Sunday evening now.  This was my first white Christmas, even though the snow didn't start to fall until nighttime.  It was very cool.  Today, my husband and I ventured out around noon time and had a run in the snow.  We ran 2 miles together and since I needed to get in my long run, I continued on for another 3 miles.  It was really beautiful out.  It was cold, but we were both warmed up fast. 

As I continued on my own, I half stepped on a curb and almost twisted my ankle.  Since it didn't twist too much and I walked it off.  After a step or two, I fell to my knees and all I could do was giggle.  I do that a lot when it snows. Giggle that is...not fall.  I'm such a California girl. My ankle was fine, though, and I continued my run. The 5 miles felt really good too.  My long run training was cancelled due to the road conditions.  I'm so glad I was able to get in my long run anyway.

Breakfast before our run was a latte, banana, black berries and blueberries.  Didn't seem to need much to have good running energy.

I'm very glad that we ran when we did.  It got way colder as the day move on.

Till next time....happy running!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tomorrow is my 'procedure'....

A colonoscopy is an internal examination of the colon (large intestine) and rectum, using an instrument called a colonoscope.

I'm at the age where every time I see a doctor I'm asked if I've had a colonoscopy.  I say no I haven't and the exam proceeds.  My new doctor has a way with patients like me, though.  After finding out that I have not had one yet at 53, he went ahead and gave my name and number to a gastrointestinal doctor.  And wouldn't you know, not a week passed before I received a call from his nurse.  Now I'm in the prep time and just finished my first dose of yuck.  Magnesium Citrate at first taste is ok.  It's lemon favored, but the last half was so sickeningly sweet that I gagged.  I downed the last four swallows and have washed it down with 8 ounces of water mixed with some apple juice.  Now I wait.  My next dosage will be miraLAX powder mixed with Gadorade. I'll need to drink 32 ounces at 6pm and then again at 9pm. 

I think the worst thing about this is not eating.  I don't usually crave food, but right about now, I'm craving a filet mignon.  

The cool thing about this, I'm told, is that you get to see inside yourself.  How cool is that???!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Week of Training

My second week of training was pretty good.  On Monday, it snowed here and I ran 2 miles in a light falling snow. It was wonderful.  I even caught a snowflake or two.  I ran Wednesday morning and Thursday evening on the treadmill. I prefer running outside to the treadmill, though.  Saturday's group run felt great. I ran 5 miles and for the second half of it I had a running partner. I was nice to have someone to run and talk with.  It's amazing how the time and distance moves a little faster with company.  There was some icy parts, but no one least not that I saw.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 1 Training Complete

My first week or training for my second half marathon is complete.  

I ran 2 miles (3:1 run:fast walk) outside on Monday at lunch. Working from home on Mondays makes this possible. It was 40 degrees, but the wind was blowing and that lowers that temp some.  Half way through my run, I was wishing I wore my face gear. My body was warm enough, but my face was so cold.  Next time I'll remember.  

Wednesday, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill after work.  I did some farlik training (swedish name for speed play).  Normal pace was 5.6...some at 6 and up to 7 with a bunch of 4.5 to catch my breath after the 7 and 6 runs.  

Thursday was scheduled for 2 miles, but I was void of the energy, so I ran it on Friday and did the same farlik type run. Treadmill running is so boring that I find I need something to keep it interesting.  Also, those 2 miles were not easy and I wanted to get it done.  We are supposed to re-arrange the den so I can watch my new TV.  That will make it easier. 

Today was the first group long run.  I ran 4 miles and ran the whole way. It's so much easier running outside than on a treadmill.  Not as boring. Next time I'm bringing my music, though. I thought I'd be talking with fellow runners, but I was alone most of the time. My pace was between the faster runners and the slower runners.  That make sense since all my race result put me in the middle of the ranking. It was 40 degrees, but no wind and I dressed too warm.  Next time, if it's 40 without wind, I'll wear short sleeves with my new sleeves.
This way if I get too hot, I can pull them off.
Next week is the same schedule, except the long run is 5 miles.  
So...till next report...

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Training for my second half marathon

Tomorrow begins my training for my second half marathon, The Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.

I've joined the Shamrock half training group and will run with them on my Saturday long runs. The rest of the training will be on my own.  I'll be running four times a week and that includes the Saturday long runs. This time, though, I'm adding in cross training and prescribed.  I'm hoping to run the half in less then 2:30.  This will be a little over 15 minutes faster than my first half.

My husband has started running again and so I'll have a running partner during the week. It's nice to run together.

My plan is to log here weekly about my training.