Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Week of Training

My second week of training was pretty good.  On Monday, it snowed here and I ran 2 miles in a light falling snow. It was wonderful.  I even caught a snowflake or two.  I ran Wednesday morning and Thursday evening on the treadmill. I prefer running outside to the treadmill, though.  Saturday's group run felt great. I ran 5 miles and for the second half of it I had a running partner. I was nice to have someone to run and talk with.  It's amazing how the time and distance moves a little faster with company.  There was some icy parts, but no one least not that I saw.


Holly said...

Hi Chatty Cathy! Keep Going girl YOU GOT IT!!!

SSQuo said...

How do you run AND talk. Im not much of an exerciser but I think I can pretty much run a bit and then fall flat Id think. :) Need to build up the stamina.

Run and talk, thats quite a far of goal for me.

ChattyCathy said...

Thanks Holly!

SSQuo -- They say that if you can't talk while you are running then you are running too fast. In the beginning, I didn't talk much at all... :-)