Sunday, April 25, 2010

I finally got a round to fixing my step son's computer (my old PC).  He decided to F10 into the Setup and changed the Power On password, then promptly forgot what it was. That was months ago, so I guess that was punishment enough.  He's 13.  I researched it back when it happened, but I promptly forgot to reset it until this morning.

I had to research it again.  Google is my friend.  Here's what I had to do.  Unplug all power. Remove the big CMOS battery.  Remove the PSWD jumper. Push and hold the yellow reset button.  I did the last step only cause 'it was there' but it worked.  Windows came up to the user sign on screen, so we put it back into his room and I started it up again and clicked on his sign on.  Blue screen of warnings that the integrity was breached or some such verbiage and that windows is shutting down to protect the hard drive.  He must have received a virus or something before the password issue.

Now I'm restoring to the factory restore...AGAIN!!!...will have to reinstall the wireless connection (D-Link) AGAIN!!!...will need to update all the Windows updates from 2000....AGAIN!!!

I'm a computer programmer, but just techie enough to get myself into trouble, but hopefully techie enough to get myself (and step son) out of computer trouble.

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Delunalore said...

I have faith in you...