Sunday, April 18, 2010

I got on a stove cleaning frenzy this morning.  Usually, every night after dinner it works this way...I do the dishwasher loading and wash the pans and my husband cleans the stove.  Last night out routine somehow changed and he loaded the dishwasher and I was not aware of the switch, so the stove was left with the splatter of gumbo until this morning.

This morning as I went to cook eggs for us, I noticed....the gumbo splats, so after breakfast I got out the Bonami and went to work. My husband came in with screwdriver in hand and removed the burners...yuk!  It was really bad under those.  Why don't these burners just lift off like on other stoves?  Anyway...stove is clean...and I feel so relieved.  I've become a little...and I mean a little OCD in my 50s...but if it means a cleaner stove, so be it....

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