Friday, February 05, 2010

Today was long.  I don't like not being busy at work. The quiet before the storm? It usually happens that way. All at once I'll have five projects at once. I'm good at multitasking though.

An actual storm is coming here though.  Last weekend we had a rare 18 inches of snow. My first really snow storm since moving here in 2007. I really enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have a migraine. I was so stubborn in that I would not take any pain relievers.  I was in the process of doing a Gallbladder Cleanse (too much info...I know...but isn't that was blogs are for??) and didn't think medicine would be good during a fast. As the migraine set in at full force, I googled the cleanse on my Blackberry hoping for an out. I'd googled it before, but this time a site I'd not seen before came up. It was a site that exposes quacky stuff and they were claiming that the Gallbladder Cleanse was a crock of shit...pun intended if you know what I mean. What they wrote made a lot of sense, and that was my cue to end the fast after already drinking 3 doses of an epson salts and water. I had some apple and peanut butter and migraine pain reliever. I put an ice pack on my forehead and went to bed. what does my migraine have to do with the snow?  It's not much fun playing in the snow with a migraine, so this time I can enjoy it more.

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