Monday, February 22, 2010

Me?  Menopause?  Yep.  Me...Menopause.

I'm convinced that my menopause is affecting everything I do, think and say. Menopause was the reason I didn't blog this weekend...DARN you Menopause!

Since it affects just about every aspect of my life, I'm good at using it as an excuse for most stuff.

I'm over-sensitive and hypercritical...oh, yeah, more argumentative, which works out really good <sarcasm> when my husband is himself over-sensitive.  It made for a really fun <sarcasm again> weekend.  Sorry Honey!

My digestion or lack of is Menopause's fault.  I can't even savor a yummy dinner of ribs anymore. My husband and I went for ribs last night. I had a half order and didn't even finish them. About an hour after we got home I felt pretty sick. Not the food poisoning type of sick, but the over did it indigestion type of sick. My stomach is still recovering now, almost 24 hours later.  As I sit here typing it is rumbling and bubbling.  Oh well, with time I will be better and I will stay away from ribs....for a while.

My motivation to run seems affected too.  I went for a run outside rather than the treadmill yesterday. It was a beautiful day here. I was okay until my ipod ran out of juice at about the mile mark. Without my music, I started thinking too much, then I get too winded, my side hurt, hot flashes, too much thinking and no rhythm to my run. I only ran about 2 miles.

Menopause, my convenient scape goat.

Today...I blogged...but did not run.

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mdflynn said...

Menopause, you? Yeah, you. But, you know, you're still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen ...

(And sorry about this weekend)