Saturday, February 06, 2010

So, why do I get so excited about buying something?  I think it stems back to a time when I lived paycheck to paycheck and could not buy much for myself. A time when I was a single parent of two boys and only getting $488 a month child support. Each month I'd have to call the bank to see if there were enough funds to cash it. I started this after having bounced checks because his check that I'd deposited bounced. I learn quick. There's a phone number to call to check your balance. You use your SSN...well his SSN.  I only did it to check funds though. Anyway, that's the reason for my excitement in buying something for myself.  When we bought my MAC Book, I was so excited too.  So, today we are going to look at Treadmills.  I started running last June and during the Winter, I find it very hard to get my run in. I've not run in over a week now.  It's's's dark...are my excuses. We have access to a gym, but that's a hassle too.  If we had a treadmill, I'd be able to run whenever I want.  Hey, yet another thing to track here!!

So, maybe I have a little ADHD since I float from one thing to another never quite sticking to one thing.  Is that why I multitask so well?  I have two screens at my work and sometimes I'll have a database query running in one, while working on a C# application in the other. Yes...I'm a computer programmer.  There are things that I have stuck to in my life though.  I've played guitar since I was 14...although I've have been known to put it down for a year at a time.  I'm currently in a playing stage and even have a guitar coach, as he calls himself.  I'm taking lessons from a local celebrity, Lewis McGehee.  My husband is a newbe player and will start with Lewis next month after he finishes his Christmas gift of lessons at a local music store.

So...time to go and buy that treadmill....

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