Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As I type this, I've a moist heating pad on my left shoulder. I have a torn rotator cuff. I had one on my right shoulder in 2007. I got that one while changing my t-shirt while keeping my seat belt on. I wasn't driving and was not exposed in the process. Anyway, that time, I heard a pop and didn't go to the doctor until months later. I had an xray, and MRI, a cortisone shot and 12 weeks of PT and all was well. The last time that I saw my right shoulder doctor, he said, "it'll happen to your left shoulder too." Why would he say that, and why didn't he tell how to not have it happen to my left shoulder?

Last summer my left upper arm started to hurt the way my right did.  It's referred pain from the shoulder. I tried to work it out, but it got worse and I finally went to the doctor, same group, but a different doctor. I like this new doctor; so far, I've had an xray, and MRI, 12 weeks PT and 2 cortisone shots; one from the back and one from the front. After 12 weeks of PT, I decided that I can do the exercises myself.  I do work it out daily, but it's just not getting back to normal. It's painful when I reach past the hurting point. If I don't push it though, I could develop a frozen shoulder like what happened to the other shoulder before I finally went to the doctor.

My massage therapist had surgery for her shoulder, but I'm really scared of that, but I'm so tired of the pain in doing simple things like putting on a coat or reaching to push the buttons to start the drive-through car wash.  Even putting my hand in my back pocket or scratching my back causes pain. I'm tired of complaining about it too.

I know I don't have many followers, but have any of you had the surgery? What was it like? Would you recommend it?


Delunalore said...

I've been popping in and you haven't been posting...I hope your alright.

I had to have a lipoma tumor taken out of my back a few years ago. If was an out patient surgery and it wasn't so bad. I could talk to the doctor and I knew what was happening the whole time. It's not so bad really and if it fixes the problem it'll be worth it.

Best wishes!

ChattyCathy said...

I seem to have taken a break from the blogging. It's not my shoulder though. I have a follow up appointment on Monday and will decide what to do. I know a couple of people that have recently had this same procedure. I worry mostly about being put out.

Thank you for your concern...and I'll get back to blogging... :-)