Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Am I doing the Whole30?

So, what's this Whole30 thing all about?  Well, it's about feeling good for me. At least I hope so.  I've had stomach issues most of my adult life.  In my 20s, I had an upper GI and was told there wasn't really anything they can see was wrong.  I remember the doctor saying something like spastic colon.  Back then, there wasn't anything to be done about that.  In my 40s, I complained to my Internist and she gave me Irritable Bowel medicine.  Funny, I just Googled Spastic Colon.  It's the old name for Irritable Bowel Syndrome!  I took the medicine back then, but it really didn't do anything to help.  And if you are wondering, at 50 I did the dreaded colonoscopy visit.  I think I even blogged about it.  

So, here I am at 55 and most days after eating my lunch, I have stomach issues that last into the evening. Bloating, pain and sometimes constipation.  Also, I get headaches and lower back and hip pain. So...

I was flipping through FaceBook posts on my phone the other night and one of my friends posted to the Whole30 site.  I was curious and clicked on their page.  It peaked my interest.   The list of ailments that food allergies can cause is long.  

I figured, what do I have to lose?  Most of what they suggust, I do already.  I'll be giving up some foods I eat regularly and it may be a challenge since my husband is not doing this with me (although he's supportive).  I bought the Kindle version of their book, It Starts With Food.

And, here I go...I started the my 30 days yesterday morning.  This is day 2. 

This link here gives a lot of needed information.  I probably didn't really need to buy the book, but wanted to have it on my Kindle to take with me as reference.

Basically the list of what I'm giving up for 30 days is short.  I eat mostly healthy now, but there are some items I eat that are on the don't eat list.  After the 30 days I can introduce foods and see how my body reacts to each.  

Here's the short list of what I need to not eat...I know that there's more, but these are the ones that affect me.  I know that corn is on the grain list, but I'm not sure if corn on the cob is banned.  Will need to keep reading my book! any form, even artificial.  This also means anything made with sugar....cookies, etc.  Can't do that handful of chocolate covered Almonds!  Or my evening ice cream...sigh!
Dairy, even yogurt  (although, without being sweet, it's not very tasty)  
Grains, even gluten free
White Potatoes (includes red, yukon, russet, fingerlings...etc)  Yams/Sweet potatoes are okay though.
Legumes, even soy in any form and peanuts are in this list.  Snap and green beans are okay though.   
Alcohol of any type.  There goes my glass of wine!  

Yay! I can continue to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Need to buy some Clarified Butter.  Shopping at Whole Foods later today to fill up my pantry and refrigerator.  

Some people are using this method to loose weight.  I'm thin enough and hoping only for pain relief.  

More to come...

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