Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whole 30...the home stretch...let's talk the P word...and ice cream cravings!

Eleven more days of Whole 30 and I'm feeling good!  I've 20 days into it now.  I had only one bad headache and that was on day 2.  I had a minor scratchy last week though and slight chest congestion, but both dissipated without turning into a cold.  I did cheat some and took Airborne and Emergen-C a couple of times to combat what I thought was the start of a cold.  I'm wondering if what I was feeling was a result of Whole30 ridding my body of unneeded stuff.  Sort of like the headache could have been from food withdrawal.  Another benefit is that I'm sleeping through the night and wake up rested. for the other issue...the P word.  Not a subject that's easy to discuss as an adult.  As a kid, talking about poo is easy.  And, I've learned from reading other posts that I prefer reading the blogs that refer to it as poo rather than poo it is.  It has taken all these 20 days for me to get back to a normal, um...ah...well, let's say, consistency.  I'm sure others have had this happen too, as I've googled and read some blogs.  Most point to the increased fiber or more fat, but honestly, I'm eating the same quantity of fiber and fat as before Whole30.  The only difference in my eating is what I've cut out.  Our dinners were and still are lots of vegetables with a side of meat-type protein.  So, I don't believe it's the fiber.  I think it's the minimal amount of starch or maybe it was my body ridding itself of unneeded stuff.  Or...maybe the starch was the glue in the poo.  

Last night I was really craving my nightly ice cream when my husband arrived at the couch with my ice cream.  I have a small container of chocolate ice cream that is all mine.  I would take it out nightly and have just enough, screw the top back on and return it to the freezer.  He and my step son knows that is is mine.  Well, it's been sitting there waiting for me until last night when it made it's way into my husband hands.  I just gave him a look.  He said, "it's going to go bad if it's not eaten."  So, he ate the rest of my yummy chocolate ice cream.  Whaaaaaaah! That got me searching the web for an ice cream alternative.  Something with coconut milk and I found one!!  I'm making it tonight since it called for frozen bananas.  It's just a cup frozen banana, coconut milk and some spices.  I'm going to add some pecans too.  Can't wait for some ice cream tonight!  

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