Sunday, January 13, 2013

Whole30 Day 3 Morning..

Today is day 3.  I woke up with a killer headache.  Luckily I had the unflavored Goodies.  I took that along with my espresso.  Tasted yucky! 

Yesterday's breakfast was 2 eggs and veggies.  I'm thinking I need to figure out another breakfast, as I don't want to have eggs every day.  I need to read the recipes in the book to figure another easy meal to prepare or one that I can do up in advance.  For lunch, I grilled a piece of chicken with some more veggies.  Dinner was the same.  My husband and stepson had 5 Guys' burgers and fries.  I took a long whiff and then made my own dinner.  I'd just come back from shopping spree at Whole Foods with lots of veggies and some chicken thighs.

Before shopping, I thought I was going to have a challenge or an opportunity to practice saying no to a meal that looked very interesting.  I am a member of Virginia Coast Chorus which is a Sweet Adaline chorus and we have a new song that a team of us are choreographing.  I was early to last night's meeting and my host was making a meal.  As she was cooking the bacon on the stove top grill the yummy bacon smell floated through the kitchen.  We talked as she sliced up Granny Smith apples and toasted 7 grain bread.  She spread a bit of mayonnaise on the toast and sliced up what looked like blue cheese and placed the slices on top of the mayo.  She then squirted a little pesto on top (I think it was pesto) and spread that around.  She layered the bacon on top of the cheese, the apples on the other side of the bread, closed up the sandwich, pressed it down and sliced it in two.  To my relief, she brought one of the sandwiches to her husband and took a bite of the other.  What I mean by relief is that it would have been a challenge for me to not at least taste it.  I know that I wouldn't have though.  I was already preparing myself. 

I bought Coconut water thinking it's the same as coconut milk.  It's not.  The milk is coconut mixed with the coconut water.  I drank a small bottle of the water driving home from Whole Foods last night and also bought a larger bottle.  I also bought carrot juice.  Now I'm reading not to drink either!  I'm thinking a small glass is okay since there is no added sugar.  I'm learning as I go.  

This morning's breakfast was more of the same.  I diced up half of a small yam and cooked it up with a little olive oil and ghee.  Then I added 2 eggs (again with the eggs).  The ghee gave it a buttery taste. 

I'm planning on baking all the chicken thighs and then freezing them for lunches.  I'm thinking if I take one out at night, by morning it will be thawed out enough so that by lunch I'll be able to add it to my salad or warm it up some and eat it with a side of veggies. 

I still need to read more of the book to understand the rules more. 

How I'm feeling...

Not much different so far.  I didn't have any stomach distress of any form yesterday, but I did wake up with that headache this morning.  I've had days like this while not on the Whole 30, though. 

Till next time....

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