Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010
I ran yesterday...4 miles...intervals...warm up 5 minutes of fast walk and 4 one minute walks in between 4 9 minute runs....a total of 4.2 miles.  It really is so much better running outside than at the gym on a treadmill. 

Amberen is still keeping my mood level, but the hot flashes are still around.  I called the 800 number and it was suggested that I take double the dosage.  I'm not ready to do that though. 

It's amazing how the body changes as we grow older.  I had 2 glasses of red wine last night.  Today I awoke with a headache and now just feel blah and dizzy.  The dizzy may just be the 2 Tylenol Migraine that I took.

Starting now, I'm going to also journal on other aspects of my life.  Marriage, running, art, music....whatever I feel at the time of my writing.

My husband has a mood disorder.  I'm not sure what it is...or if there is really even a name for it. It may be BP (2 not 1 as it is not severe) may just be his ADD...or just plain old passive aggressive behaviors.  Whatever it is, since Thursday, January 21, he's been in one of his moods.  He's regular self did appear a couple of dinner out for sushi....then last night when after my 2 glasses of wine gave way for the lifting of my inhibitions that allowed me, during a mood caused discussion, to strip naked...thereby causing his frown to reverse well as his mood.  After though...mood reversed back and this morning, it's still with him.  We've had breakfast and now he's back in bed. His way of dealing with his moods is to sleep.

Time to shower...maybe do some art today...


Charmaine said...

I'm thinking of taking Amberen. I'm a little nervous because if it's not a pharmaceutical the FDA does not regulate it.

It could turn into a another Phen phen (fen fen cuz I can't spell) situation.

How are you doing now?

ChattyCathy said...

Charmaine --
I'm doing good, but Amberen really hasn't done that much for me. I won't be buying more after I finish the 90 days. I still get hot flashes, but I ride them through. They're not too bad. I started taking Estroven Nighttime and that has helped a lot at night. I'll take the day time one once I finish the Amberen.