Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010
My Amberen shipments came around 2pm.  I decided to start them right away.  It's 9:15 and I'm feeling very relaxed.  They say it will take a week before I feel any difference.  More on this tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy! Just wanted to see how the Amberen worked for you! I'd love to hear if it's working..

ChattyCathy said...

Hi Nicole...I still have hot flashes. When I started taking it, I had less, but now they are about the same. When I called the support line, he (yes...a man) said that I should take the double dose. I didn't do that though. My main concern was not the hot was the mood shifts and that is much better with Amberen. I'm just about finished with my second 30 day pack.