Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new year...2010. I choose to be happy. I can choose to allow happiness...not based on what other people are doing. I have joined the online community of Agape with Michael Beckwith. Today's sermon hit the mark. I can choose to be happy regardless of anything that is going on around me. I joined this online community because there are no RS Churches near my home and decided to get online with my spiritual practice. I am not fanatical...never have been and never will be, but I have forgotten the teaching and need to remember to remember.

Another new year endeavor...menopause and it has begun to hit hard.  I'm in my 3th extended non-cycle of over six months.  My symptoms have accelerated though and last night I awoke with my nightgown so wet from sweat that I had to change.  This last week, my mood was off.  I have ordered Amberen on Friday after reading many posts from many different websites.  The negatives that I read were minimal. One being from a woman that only tried it for 2 weeks and gave up...said it wasn't working. The other was from a woman that claimed to be an MD and said not to jump at every 'Natural' remedy out there.  Seems to me that she would push HRTs.  Anyway...the shipment will be arriving soon and I plan on blogging my progress here.  Who knows...maybe I'll get a reader or two.  It could happen.

I have put many pots in the fire...those are only two of my current endeavors for 2010.  I've also started guitar lessons.  I've played since I was 14, but still as new as can be.  Then there's drawing. A gift I'd asked for is Drawing on the Right (or is it left) side of the brain. 

My 2010 goals....
1. Grow spiritually and regain my positive attitude that I had worked for and somehow let slip away.  Be happy in all situations.
2. Get my menopause symptoms under control
3. Get good enough to comfortably play bar cords on the guitar and sing and play at open mic.
4. Finish the drawing book and draw from a picture of Michael and Pam...Christmas 2010 present maybe?

So...there it first blog...

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