Saturday, February 05, 2011

Week Nine -- Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

Wow!  Nine weeks of training complete!

This weeks running was one run short of the training plan.  I ran on the treadmill on Monday.  I listened to a Podrunners' Speedbump mix that took me from 150 to 160 to 170 bpms and then back down.  Basically it's a temp run resulting in bringing up my speed.  My goal is not a difficult one, though.  I'm hoping to run a 10 minute mile consistently.  That will bring me in way under my original goal of finishing the half in if it's somewhere between 2-2:30, I'll be very happy.

It wasn't until Thursday that I ran again.  My husband and I did a night run.  These are fun to do together.  He's not running as far as me...yet, so we ran a little over a 1.5 miles together before I veered off to run the rest of my planned 5 miles.  My math was off though.  I was thinking I'd finish at 5 miles by combining two of my standard runs together; a two and and three mile route, but I missed a section...the part that would have taken me home and back out to start my other run and that's about the mile that I was short.  I ran 4 miles though and it really did feel good.

My group long run was in the rain along the Oceanfront.  We did 10 miles and I again had a running buddy.  Judy kept me on track.  We did do a little bit of walking on and off.  Only about 20-30 steps worth at a time. She and I were both tired today.  The rain didn't help either.  We finished at 1:57....about a 12 minute mile, so I'm happy with that.  It was brutal though and at about the halfway point, our coach was there cheering us on and all I could utter was, "I don't want to do this!" I continued on and finished up the 10 miles.

I am so happy that I joined up with my training group.  I'll do it again for the Rock n Roll Half in September too.  J & A Racing group training is my training group.  I would highly recommend a training group to anyone running a half or full Marathon.  It gets me up and out the door on Saturday morning where I otherwise would stay in bed.

Next week is the Virginia Is For Lovers 14K....that'll be fun!

Till next week....

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