Monday, July 05, 2010

New vs. in blogger editors...

I've not blogged for a while and when I decide to blog, my editor remained in thinking mode with it's circling thinker swirling around. I went to blogger help and saw that there is an updated editor. I seem to have already it checked to use it, although, I don't remember opting for it. I changed the setting to use the old editor, and here I am able to create a blog once again.

It is amazing the anger I read in one second try post to the help area. I'm mean...get a life! You know, this
is a free service. I do think that someone should get back to the woman. I don't exactly know if it's a woman, but in the part that I read, it sounded like a woman.

So, you may ask, what does a woman sound like. Actually, it depends on my mood. If I had read that same post yesterday, I may have thought it a man's post. It's all perception. I think I'll answer her...or and suggest using the old editor until the new one is fixed.

I actually like the old editor...why change it??
See ya...

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