Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Shamrock 8K -- My First 8K.....Check!  

Well, I did it!  My first 8K!!!  My chip time was exactly, to the second, the same as the clock time and I was not in the first group (the speedy group) when the clock started.  I know what happened though.  It was already proving to be a warm morning, so I took off my outer top and left my group in search for my husband. I figured he would be close to the Start Line to watch me begin the race. I couldn't find him, but I walked passed and to the right of the Start Line before turning around, top tied around my waist, to reposition myself with my group.  

So, here's what I believe happened.  As I passed by the Start Line in search for my husband, my chip was turned on and waiting for the clock to start. It began timing my run when the clock started, but before I even started walking to the Start Line. It took about 4 minutes after the clock started for me to cross the mats at the Start Line. When I crossed the finish, I forgot to stop my watch. I realized I'd not stopped it after getting my water and snack after the race. I stopped it at about 57 minutes.

I found that shirt when I picked up my race packet...had to have it...

With all that said, I ran the 8K in about 54 minutes and the clock time was 58.36 (as well as my in error chip time). 

I'm looking forward to my next race.  I'm planning on running the 10K Wicked in October and if I can get with a training group, I may consider running the 1/2 marathon on Labor Day.

Running clears my head and lifts my mood. It keeps my joints flexible.  My back hurts less than before and when I don't run for a week, my lower back aches. 

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