Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Shoulder is improving!!!

I've been doing my shoulder stretches and exercises daily for about a week now.  It's actually getting better!  I didn't get another cortisone shot either...I'm relieved it's getting better. 

The reason I'm so determined is because I talked to my doctor's assistant. She explained the surgery to me when I called. Good thing I was sitting down. Good thing I had my heat flash fan. That called scared me into my plan.

Things that have improved so far...there is still some pain in doing these, but it's bearable.

1.  I can do a nice good morning stretch without doubling over.
2.  I can put my left hand behind my back. 
3.  When I do my pulley exercises, my arm is closer to being straight up.
4.  My left arm is stronger when doing my strength exercises.
5.  My range of motion is much better...not like my right shoulder, but better.
6.  The miracle ball shoulder stretch exercise.

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