Sunday, May 29, 2011

Panties...and the riding up problem that us women have

So...I have been a faithful Victoria Secret panty wearer for years now, but I've also been plagued with the uncomfortable riding up issue that most of us women have to deal with on a regular basis.  It's not a sexy or pretty site to see a woman reaching up to pull and tug at her panty.  I was on a mission to free my mind from the constant fear that my panty would inevitably become a thick version of a thong. 

My first purchase fail miserably!  Being gullible by their packaging promising to "NEVER RIDE UP," I purchase two packages of 5 for $19.00 to learn later that you really do get what you pay for.  I can't tell you the brand because the panties are not marked with a label anywhere, but I bought them at Macy's while shopping with my very patient husband.  I was so looking forward to a day without any tugging and pulling and the moment I pulled them on, I knew that these panties would not ride up....just as advertised.  The reason that they don't ride up is because the leg opening is vise grip tight. These are the most uncomfortable panties that I've ever worn.  Being a trooper though, I wore this brand for about two weeks before switching back to my VS panties while searching the internet for a better alternative.

I'd seen Soma's Vanishing Edge brand in my other searches, but we don't have a store that sells them close by.  I decided to take advantage of their by 7 for $35 promotion and ordered online.  When they came in the mail, I immediately tried on a pair and was very impressed.  At work the next day I had one less thing to think about.  These panties are so comfortable that I forgot about them and there was absolutely no pulling or tugging.  The only thing...and this is not an issue for me...while pulling them on, the stay put rubbery substance can cling and it does take a little patience to get them where you want them.  Once in place's a perfect fit that stays in place without cutting off circulation as those other panties did.   I was so impressed that I ordered more from qvc at an even better price.  I will now be able to get rid of the vice grip panties and eventually replace all my VS panties.   

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