Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My California Family Adventure

My California Family Adventure

I had a full week of family in California last week. I miss them all. Lots of's one of all of us (My hubby didn't come with me...he's so understanding of my California trips!)

Here's one of my brother Larry and his girlfriend Anita. We were having a hard time making Larry smile, but something got him laughing...or someone ;-)

Here's one of Gary and me....I lost it after this one. It was very emotional knowing that I leave in the morning...

After all the pictures that we took there after dinner, I realized that I did not take any pictures there with my 2 sons.

But...there were pictures taken...Here's my oldest son Michael and his wife Pam
...and here's Shawn and his Emery...Shawn's a great daddy!
A wonderful visit! We all needed that. My sons haven't seen each other in over 3 years and Michael and Pam met their nephew. We are really such a close family...who happen to live in many places now.


Delunalore said...

Wow, this post is just filled with happy energy from the visit. You have a wonderful family and it is nice to enjoy and share these times! Everyone looks so happy!

ChattyCathy said...

Yes, a very happy visit.