Thursday, May 13, 2010


They should really make mud masks nicer.  Different colors would be nice.  Tonight I'm masking in Aztec mud.  It's a really great mask in a light green shade.  It would be nice if I could add a little pink to my cheek area.  Then, maybe a lip mask of a light red.  Is there such a thing as a lip mask?  I think not, especially in a light red shade.  So, here I sit, unable to talk or smile, while this mask dries.  To smile would cause the mask to stretch and crack which will pull on the fine peach fuzz, so I try not to let that happen.  When the mask is doing its job, it pulsates.  I'm not sure why it does, but it does.  This pulsating mask is reminding me of my mom.  In the last few years of her life, she would stay with me a few weeks at a time and one visit we did this mask together. It was quite funny to my mom; seeing herself without her partial false teeth (she had one of her front teeth pulled) with a green face.  She commented and laughed about how she looked like a green jack-o-lantern.  This caused the stretching and cracking of the mask. When she began to feel the pulsing, she started to giggle and I could see the exposed skin around her eyes and her neck begin to blush at the thought that come to her mind.  My mom, at 81, was thinking about orgasms.  Ok, so the mask pulsates like after an orgasm, but it's just a mask. She got me giggling too.  You could say, we both cracked up, literally.  

So, here I sit reminiscing about masking with my mom and missing spending time with her.  Wishing I would have appreciated those times and done more things together on her visits rather than letting the time pass only to have it end too quickly. She was 83, only a few months before her 84th birthday when she died.  I miss you mom and I know she knows that. She's with me all the time.  She is part of me. Part of my heart and soul, but sometimes I forget and she doesn't come to mind for days. Then I remember.  Something like doing a mask brings her back. I see her loving face and smile. She is mom.


Delunalore said...

mudd's came along way since the Wolfman Jack days. I still mask but it's a spa treatment now...Anyway, my mom is still with us and I found myself telling my son the same thing I told my brother when he was younger:"If she's not complaining or ragging about something she's sick",and when she does finally pass I can imagine myself telling people the same thing I told my brother and my son.

ChattyCathy said...

just enjoy her...ragging and all.