Monday, May 17, 2010

Brakes...and WTF???
I'm not a car person at all....that said...

I took a short 6 hour drive up to PA to see my oldest son and daughter-in-law Mother's Day weekend.  The last hour on the way home, I heard a familiar sound.  I've had my brake pads worn before, so I know the sound metal to metal makes, but what my husband pulled away from the front passenger side brake was worst than I thought.  Notice the top right side?  The pad is completely gone and the metal is scrape up.

Here's the side pad at all!!!
Now...compared to a new brake pad...

I had my brakes done in CA before I drove cross country from CA 3 years ago, but were they really done?  I didn't hear a squeak or scrape...until last Sunday.

My husband is playing mechanic after his day job.  I have a very talented hubby...with very dirty hands...  Thanks Mike!

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