Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm sitting in what's called a three season enclosed porch.  To me though it's more of a 2 1/2 season porch.  During the winter, it's mostly too cold to sit out here, so that leaves the other 3 seasons, but Summer, to me is iffy too.  When the Eastern humidity rises while the temperature increases, this room is hotter than I like.  I guess it could be used as a sauna.  Something that I only just now thought of.  

Today, though, it's at the right temperature, with the enough humidity to make me think of our honeymoon in Jamaica and the mornings we shared our breakfast on the veranda.  We had an ocean view and right now, there's view of the lake, or retention pond (looks like a lake to me.  It's small, but big enough for, we don't own a kayak) 

When I stepped out to the porch, there were 2 ducks on the lawn. They were evenly positioned across the lawn.  It was weird. I guess they need their space?  But the fact that they were on the lawn, means Shelly will undoubtedly return into the house with a green streak across her back.  Shell is a white terrier mix and for some reason, she loves to roll in duck poop.  I'm lucky that she's small enough and good enough to stand there in the shower while I wash her.  Lately, I only need to get her  into the bathroom, point to the tub and say, "get in the tub" and she jumps in. It's a new trick, but with all these years of me bathing her, she probably would have done it sooner if only I'd asked.

I wish I could take my laptop out on the dock, but I lose connectivity half way out from the house.  I guess the wireless isn't strong enough.  I'm going to get some breakfast though and take it out there...I'm hungry...stomach is growling...time to eat.

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