Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yoga for lower back pain caused by a tilted pelvis

Okay, here's the deal.  Whenever I blog about something I'm doing, I'll continue doing it.  I'll continue even if I don't have many actual followers. It always helps me to write about things that I'm having a hard time sticking with. I blogged about letting my hair turn to its natural color and I've blogged about training for a half marathon.  Success on both accounts. I even stuck with the Whole 30 up to the last day while blogging daily. 

So, what do I need help sticking too now?  Well, here's my current issue....I've had chronic lower back pain for many months now. It's on the right side. I thought maybe it was a food allergy, which was why I did Whole30.  It wasn't my diet, it's a tilted pelvis.  I believe due to sitting too much while working too too many hours last fall and winter. 

So, I decided to try yoga to realign myself.  I'd bought a 10 card at Zen Hot Yoga last summer, but because I was working non stop on a project at work and could rarely find the time to go and eventually just didn't think about going at all. I'd see the 10 card dangling from my key chain and think I'll get back to it some day Well, today is that day.  

I had gone once or twice since my back pain started. These practices were weeks apart and I was in pain with certain moves. Mostly raising up from a forward fold. That discouraged me from going.  This time, though, I plan on sticking to it and will record my progress here.  Today's class is hot yoga with guided meditation.  It's at 10:30....I'll be back to finish this after class...

Okay, back home now.  Wow! What a great class! I spoke to the yoga instructor  before class to let her know about my lower back pain.  I needed advice, but also wanted to let her know so that she wouldn't try and help me into a pose that I'm intentionally avoiding due to the pain. 

The practice was done nice and slow.  We held postures longer in this class. I both liked and needed this type of practice today. She also put in a lot of postures that focused on pelvis alignment for my benefit.  Lots of squats and twists.  

So, how do I feel? My back actually feels better.  The pain is still there, of course.  You know that standard movement of lifting your leg to put on your pants?   Well, that movement is usually very painfully for me, but after yoga and shower (of course) it hurt much less.  I do know that one yoga practice won't fix my tilted pelvis and that for the alignment to balance, I'll have to go regularly. Today was the start.  My goal is 3 times a week.  

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