Monday, August 30, 2010

Tapper Week - pre-Half Marathon -Virginia Beach Rock n Roll 1/2

I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday here in Virginia Beach. I hear it's a lot of fun. I can't wait. We have Earl coming this way, but I hear it'll be on its way out of here by Friday....I hope I hope!

So, this week I'm supposed to run 3 miles today...thinking of heading out soon...then walk 1.5 miles on Wednesday...then the big race on Sunday! I missed about 3 weeks of training because we were going to go to my husband's HS Reunion, but he decided he didn't want to go. He wasn't "feeling it." The day after he told me that, I was back to training. I didn't stop running thankfully, but I stopped my long runs at under 6 miles. That first weekend, though, I did a run/walk of 11 miles. That'll be good enough. I'll be run/walking the race while listening to great music and enjoying the camaraderie.

After that, I have signed up for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure's 5K, The Wicked 10K and Virginia is for Lovers 14K. I don't race, but it sure feels nice to be in the upper half of the list of my age group. I go...

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